Terms And Conditions

 Reseller Registration Criteria:

  • You will earn sweet 10% commission on each order placed by you or your customers. But we didn’t limit this commission amount, this is our minimum startup commission amount. It will increase as per your Efforts and Orders laughing
  • Resellers cannot sell any of our products at their desired prices. Our Prices will remain same for all our customers as well as for Resellers.
  • Reseller will not earn commission on any purchase done for themselves.
  • There is no exchange or Refund Policy therefore Reseller should confirm the purchase order from their customers before placing it.
  • It is mandatory to provide complete detail of the customers shipment i.e. Name, Complete address with house no and  Active Mobile Number. Only then the order will be proceeded, otherwise BeezShop reserves the rights to reject your Order.
  • BeezShop holds rights to accept or reject the resellers application. In case you are rejected, you can always contact us by emailing at info@beezshop.com.

Reseller Payment Details:

  • You will receive your commission amount after your customer receives the product.
  • We are using Forrun Courrier Service and BlueEx Courier Service for Delivery. It takes minimum 5-6 working days for the product to get delivered.
  • You will receive your commissions in PKR directly to your bank account or via easy-paisa as per preference.
  • As Your commission amount reaches 1300/- or more, your minimum payout amount will be 1000/- Rest of the 300/- will be carried forward in your account until your next Payout.

Prohibited and super uncool promotional methods

We love and back our product 100% and we are very careful with how it’s promoted, so we want Reseller who are 100% behind us too! The prohibited promotional methods listed below aren’t meant to scare you off – they’re here to protect you, and us, and our customers from any freaky or fraudulent activity, which is something we take pretty seriously. We know you’ll understand. smile But here they are in writing just in case you’re not totally sure what is and what isn’t allowed.

  • Reseller may not be promoted on coupon sites
    Customers who are searching for a coupon are already in the market for Reseller, so this method adds no value to Reseller.
  • Paid advertising using your Reseller link is prohibited

Buying ads through services like Google Ad Words, social ads, or re-targeting ads and using our brand keywords and your Reseller link will result in Reseller account deactivation.

  • Any type of spam is prohibited
    Links, ads, emails, comments… any type of spam. Please respect the posting rules of any 3rd-party websites you use to promote Reseller. P.S. This is not an exhaustive list of spam methods; if we decide that your activity is spam, it’s spam.
  • Any illegal activity or activity deemed offensive by us is prohibited
    This may result in referrals being rejected and/or your Reseller account being deactivated. See above for allowed and super cool promotional methods!
  • We’re flattered, but please don’t pretend to be professionally associated with Reseller
    Reseller aren’t employees of BeezShop.com and have no employee rights.
  • Pretending to actually be Reseller is prohibited
    Cloning our site, copying our site, using our copyrighted site assets, and pretending that a site created by you is an official Reseller site is unethical and prohibited (this includes using services that automatically clone websites, or place them into frames).
  • Again, false promotion to customers that you are endorsed or operated by Reseller is prohibited (and super uncool)

Consequences of not-cool promotional methods

If your promotional methods step outside of these terms, your referrals may be rejected and we may disable your Reseller account. We reserve the right to do this and may or may not notify you in the instance that this occurs. Please use allowed promotional methods, and help us to help you succeed as an Reseller!

Inappropriate websites

The following types of sites are not permitted to become an Reseller: sites that promote violence, hatred or bigotry, sites that promote or engage in illegal activity, including (but not limited to), hacking, cracking, nulled, and warez sites. Reseller applications for inappropriate websites will be rejected, and we reserve the right to choose whether or not to provide a rejection reason

The important stuff

By accepting these terms and conditions you are providing your nonlegal agreement to abide by them. By registering and being approved as a Reseller in our Reseller program you agree that your commissions are subject to approval before they are accepted and subsequently paid.

The Reseller relationship does not represent a professional or formal agreement, and as a Reseller you are not an employee of BeezShop.com.  You agree that this is not a legally binding relationship and as a result may not take legal action against BeezShop.com. These Reseller terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Phew! Sound good? Great! Thanks for taking the time to read through these T’s and C’s and for agreeing to them. We can’t wait to have you on board!

This policy was last modified on 07.02.2020

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